Who We Are..

About ABC World Media

ABC Exists to Bring Value to its Clients We have a burning passion for what we do and strive to achieve excellence in best practice, every day. We are a unique, multifaceted agency, delivering innovative marketing strategies across multiple verticals, pan India, for multi nationals and SMEs. Our customers are at the head of our business, and it’s this approach that means our clients return to us again and again.

As a small to medium sized enterprise, we have designed our model to be unique, bringing quality and longevity to our clients. Unlike other agencies, and resisting the temptation to satisfy our own egos, we have made the conscious decision not to massively grow ABC by adding lots of team members.

From our years of experience in the lead generation and marketing industry, one the most predominate problems of any agency trying to maintain or increase market share, is staff turnover. However this problem is passed onto their clients, as the people set to deliver at the start of a campaign, often are not the people that finish it. We wanted to do things differently.

In fact, we have, at times, turned down new opportunities, in order to ensure those current clients on board are serviced properly. Our model means that our clients do not get passed around the agency, with different personnel serving the various aspects of their programme. Uniquely, when a client comes on board, the same senior level team member they meet at the start continues to work with them throughout. Our years of experience in the industry have made it clear to us that this is the only way to ensure a quality level of service and one without the risk of the message being lost in translation.